We are a young team of motorcycle enthusiasts who have set themselves the goal of shaking up the enduro scene. Our headquarters is in the heart of Styria (Austria) and the head and founder of the whole thing is Benjamin, who started with the crazy idea in 2016, selling Mousse under the brand X-GRIP. Since he was of the opinion, “This must be better than anything that has existed on the market”. It soon became apparent that tyres were also added to the product range and the team grew just as quickly.


No shit, we want to change the world and have fun! Because if you do something that doesn’t make you happy, you should urgently change something. OK, we don’t get to motorcyclists quite as much as we would like, but we can live with that. But since we don’t like to talk about ourselves, we prefer to let our products speak for us. We are completely behind X-GRIP and believe that you can feel it. Because Enduro, Motocross and so on, is so much more than just driving off-road.