You can’t eat our mousse, but it’s still delicious ; )
No, joking aside! Our mousse has nothing in common with the well-known “Mousse au Chocolat” and since some (including motorcyclists) do not know what it is actually good for, how it should be used, maintained and treated. Here a few lines about it.

About Mousse & Performance

X-GRIP Mousse replaces the tube in the tyre and offers you safe protection against flat tyres. Of course, Mousse is not undestroyable, but it can withstand a lot. Not for nothing else almost all top hard enduro riders of the world trust in Mousse. This is why his use is becoming more and more popular among hobby riders. Its advantages are obvious, because of its resistance a puncture is almost impossible and with the right compound the grip is guaranteed. No matter if in the desert of Africa or in the Romanian forest, with X-GRIP Mousse you are on the safe side. X-GRIP offers Mousse is available in different sizes for motocross, enduro and also in children sizes. A very soft compound for extreme enduro rounds of the product range.

Tyres & Mousse – Table

Something very important, which unfortunately is often ignored!

Tyres with the same dimensions but from different brands or even models usually have a different inner volume. So you can’t say that e.g. a 90/90-21 mousse fits into a 90/90-21 tire.

In this table on the right all tyre – mousse combinations are listed which have been tested by us. This guarantees which mousse is best suited to which tyre.

The right use

On the right side, in the table, you will find the columns Extreme, Soft, Normal and Hard. This describes, among other things, the field of application and the hardness of the mounted wheel. “Extreme” is definitely used for hard enduro like the Erzbergrodeo, whereas “Hard” is more suitable for rallies and fast missions.

Care and Handling

As already said, Mousse is very robust but not indestructible . So that you can ride your mousse as long as possible, it is important to treat it properly. This includes not storing it in the sun or next to the heater. Heat over a longer period of time causes enormous damage to the mousse. We recommend lubricating the mousse properly with X-GRIP mousse-gel to minimize friction with the tyre. If mousse stands in the tire for a longer time, the wheels should be turned further before the first use, because with time the entire mousse gel collects in the bottom of the tire and is no longer available for the entire mousse. The life span of the mousse does not only depend on the care. Professionals use the big donuts as fast as their tires, which takes years against some hobby riders. This means that when mousse is subjected to extreme loads, for example during races, it also wears out faster . This is, of course, the case with all materials. Ask e.g. Mario Roman how many boots or gloves he wears in one season ; )

Type | DimensionExtremeSoftNormalHard
----------------------------------------------------- X-GRIP - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
WAVEBREAKER | 80/100-21EV-0
MACHETE | 90/100-21EV-1
SuperENDURO-F | 80/100-21EV-0
HULKY BOY | 90/100-21EV-2
THE ESCALATOR | 140/80-18SSE-2 | EXH-2EXH-2
JACK the GRIPPER | 140/80-18SSE-2 | EXH-2EXH-2EH-2EH-3
JACK the GRIPPER | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1EH-1
DIRT DIGGER | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1
SUPER X-GEAR-R | 100/90-19XH-0
SUPER X-GEAR-R | 110/90-19XH-1
SUPER X-GEAR-R | 120/80-19XH-2
THOUGH GEAR-F | 60/100-14KV-65
THOUGH GEAR-F | 70/100-17KV-85S
THOUGH GEAR-F | 70/100-19KV-85L
THOUGH GEAR-R | 80/100-12KH-65
THOUGH GEAR-R | 90/100-14KH-85S
THOUGH GEAR-R | 90/100-16KH-85L
----------------------------------------------------- Bridgestone - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
M59 | 80/100-21EV-0EV-1
Battlecross | 80/100-21EV-0EV-1
Battlecross | 100/90-19XH-0XH-1
Battlecross | 110/90-19XH-1XH-2
----------------------------------------------------- Dunlop - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
Geomax EN91 Enduro | 90/90-21EV-1
Geomax EN91 Enduro | 140/80-18EH-3
Geomax | 90/90-21EV-1
Geomax | 80/100-21EV-0
MX52 | 100/90-19XH-1
MX52 | 110/90-19XH-1
MX52 | 120/80-19XH-2
MX33 | 60/100-14KV-65
MX33 | 80/100-12KH-65
MX33 | 70/100-17KV-85S
MX33 | 90/100-14KH-85S
MX33 | 70/100-19KV-85L
MX33 | 90/100-16KH-85L
MX33 | 100/100-18XH-0
MX33 | 110/100-18EH-1
MX33 | 120/90-18EH-1
MX33 | 100//0-19XH-0
MX33 | 110/90-19XH-1
MX33 | 120/80-19EH-1
MX33 | 120/90-19XH-2
MX33 | 80/100-21EV-1
MX33 | 80/100-21EV-1
MX53 | 60/100-14KV-65
MX53 | 80/100-12KH-65
MX53 | 70/100-17KV-85S
MX53 | 90/100-14KH-85S
MX53 | 70/100-19KV-85L
MX53 | 90/100-16KH-85L
MX53 | 100/100-18XH-0
MX53 | 110/100-18EH-1
MX53 | 120/90-18EH-1
MX53 | 100/90-19XH-0
MX53 | 110/90-19XH-1
MX53 | 120/80-19XH-2
MX53 | 120/90-19XH-2
MX53 | 80/100-21EV-1
EN91 | 90/90-21EV-1
EN91 | 120/90-18EH-1
EN91 | 140/80-18EH-3
AT81 | 110/90-18XH-0
AT81 | 110/100-18EH-1
AT81 | 120/90-18EH-1
AT81 | 80/100-21EV-0
AT81 | 90/90-21EV-1
AT81-EX | 80/100-21EV-0
AT81-EX | 110/100-18SSE-1EH-1
----------------------------------------------------- Goldentyre - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
GT 216 | 80/100-21EV-0
GT 216 | 90/90-21EV-1
GT 216 | 90/100-21EV-1
GT 216 | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1
GT 216 | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-2
----------------------------------------------------- Gibson - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
Tech 8.1 | 90/90-21EV-0
----------------------------------------------------- Maxxis - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
EnduroCross | 80/100-21EV-0EV-1
EnduroCross | 90/90-21EV-0
EnduroCross | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-2
MaxxCross | 110/90-19XH-2
----------------------------------------------------- Metzeler - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
SixDays | 90/90-21EV-0
SixDays | 90/100-21EV-1
SixDays | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-2
MC-4 | 80/100-21EV-0
MC-5 | 80/100-21EV-0
----------------------------------------------------- Michelin - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
Enduro Competition 4 | 90/90-21EV-0
Enduro Competition 6 | 90/100-21EV-1
Enduro Competition 6 | 120/90-18EH-1
Enduro Competition 6 | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-2
Enduro Medium R TT | 120/90-18EH-1
Enduro Medium R TT | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-3
Starcross 5 | 80/100-21EV-0
Starcross 5 | 100/90-19XH-0XH-1
Starcross 5 | 110/90-19XH-1XH-2
Starcross 5 | 120/90-18EH-1
Enduro Medium F TT | 90/90-21EV-0
Enduro Medium F TT | 90/100-21EV-1
----------------------------------------------------- Mitas - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
C-19 | 90/90-21EV-0
C-19 | 90/100-21EV-1
C-18 | 120/90-18EH-1
C-18 | 120/90-19EH-1
EF-07 | 120/90-18SSE-1SuperSOFTEH-2
EF-07 | 130/80-18SSE-2EH-1
EF-07 | 140/80-18SSE-2EH-1
XT-454 | 110/100-18SSE-1EH-1
XT-754 | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1
XT-946 | 120/100-18EH-1
C-10 | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1
C-12 | 120/90-18SSE-1EH-1
----------------------------------------------------- Pirelli - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
Scorpion | 80/100-21EV-0
MXExtra | 100/90-19XH-0
MXExtra | 110/90-19XH-1
----------------------------------------------------- HOOSIER - TYRES -----------------------------------------------------
MX25 & MX30 | 80/100-21EV-2
MX20IMX25 & IMX30 | 110/90-19XH-1
MX20IMX25 & IMX30 | 120/80-19XH-2
MX20IMX25 & IMX30 | 110/90-18XH-1
MX20IMX25 & IMX30 | 120/90-18XH-2