The X-GRIP WAVEBREAKER. True to its name, this tyre is designed to defy obstacles and the most challenging terrain like a rock in the surf.
Its tread design allows it to maintain grip on mud, sand, and rough terrain. This gives incredible confidence in the front wheel and enables peak performance on the bike. Therefore, this tyre perfectly supports you on nearly all tracks and trails.


The X-GRIP WAVEBREAKER is steadfast amidst the waves, making it your ultimate companion in the unpredictable nature of off-road sports. Experience maximum control and agility, thanks to its lightweight construction and the dimension 80/100-21, making it perfect for Motocross, as well as for Cross Country and Enduro tracks. This grants it unparalleled versatility and makes it superior to other tyres.


As one of the lightest front tyres on the market, it offers perfect feedback and absolute control at all times. Consequently, it ensures safety in every situation and defies every ”wave” or obstacle. Quality MADE IN GERMANY. Developed in Austria, the X-GRIP WAVEBREAKER meets the strict F.I.M rules for unrestricted racing use.


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