X-GRIP Single Mousse EXX (Single EXH-2)


The “X-GRIP Mousse EXX” were specially developed for hard enduro use. This revolutionary product offers the advantages of two worlds, puncture protection and customisable hardness, 100% Made in Austria.


The ingenious thing about this system lies in the unique EXX technology, in which the number of “mousse eggs”, i.e. the EXX, determines the hardness of the tyre. Unlike conventional mousse, which relies on a single unit, with the X-GRIP Mousse EXX, you utilize a variety of smaller elements, providing superior adaptability on a wide range of surfaces. This system ensures unrivalled traction and control, giving you a significant advantage in the most challenging conditions.


We recommend 11 to 13 EXX per tyre, offering you the ideal flexibility for almost all applications. Using 12 EXX in a tire covers the broadest range of applications.

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