X-GRIP Silicone radiator hose


The X-GRIP silicone radiator hoses are the perfect solution for enhancing the cooling performance and durability of your motorcycle. They not only replace the original radiator hoses but also the housing of the water temperature sensor.
Crafted from four layers of high-quality silicone and reinforced with integrated nylon fabric, these radiator hoses withstand extreme heat and pressure. The housing of the temperature sensor is made from a single piece of CNC-machined aluminium. Additionally, it features cooling fins to further enhance cooling efficiency. Experience superior quality and performance with the X-GRIP silicone radiator hoses.


KTM EXC TBI, XC-W TBI, 250 – 300, 2024->

KTM SX, XC, 250 – 300, 2023->

HUSQVARNA TE, 250 – 300, 2024->

HUSQVARNA TC, TX, 250 – 300, 2023->

GASGAS EC, MC, EX, 250-300, 2024->

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