X-GRIP MAXFLOW radiator pipe


The X-GRIP MAXFLOW Radiator Pipe, precisely crafted from CNC-machined aluminium, is the ultimate solution for enhancing your motorcycle’s cooling performance. This innovative product replaces the original thermostat, thereby increasing flow and significantly improving cooling efficiency. Made from high-quality CNC-machined aluminium, the radiator pipe offers maximum durability and reliability.


Superior cooling performance through advanced design.
The optimised cooling results from an increased cross-section and flow optimisation. In the original thermostat, the coolant must flow around numerous bends and edges, leading to increased resistance and turbulence in the coolant, which reduces flow. In contrast, the X-GRIP MAXFLOW Radiator Pipe allows the coolant to flow straight through an enlarged cross-section without detours, thereby maximising cooling performance.


The X-GRIP MAXFLOW Radiator Pipe is the first and only product of its kind on the market, setting new standards in motorcycle cooling. Achieve ultimate cooling performance and improved bike performance with the X-GRIP MAXFLOW Radiator Pipe!


Installation is straightforward and the seal of the original pipe can be used.


KTM EXC(F), XC(F)-W, 150-350, 2024->
HUSQVARNA TE, FE, 150-350, 2024->
GASGAS EC(F), 250-350, 2024->

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