X-GRIP MACHETE 90/100-21


The X-GRIP front tyre “MACHETE” is the weapon of choice when it comes to challenging terrain. The tyre literally cuts into the ground, similar to a machete carving its way through dense jungle. This is achieved through the elongated knobs that literally cut into the ground, providing maximum traction and stability. The aggressive knobs grip the terrain,ย while its rotational symmetry ensures better performance after the tire is turned.


Its smooth performance is particularly evident on rocky and uneven sections. The excellent inherent damping of the MACHETE ensures that your performance can shine on technically demanding tracks. Its lightweight design minimises unsprung masses, allowing for more agile handling, while its rotational symmetry ensures better performance even after the tyre is turned.


Quality MADE IN GERMANY – Developed in Austria, according to F.I.M rules, the MACHETE is ready for use without restrictions in all F.I.M races. Perfect for Enduro & Cross Country.


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