X-GRIP Antibreak Clamp Brake


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X-GRIP Anti Break Clamp, also known as the Anti Break Master Cylinder Clamp. Made from high-quality T6 aluminum and featuring an anodized surface for maximum corrosion protection, it is a true superhero for your motorcycle levers, specifically designed to prevent the breaking of sensitive parts on the brake.


Thanks to its intelligent design and embedded TPE half-shell, the clamp allows the levers to rotate in case of a fall instead of breaking. Additional protection is provided by the bridge along the main cylinder, making the X-GRIP Anti Break Clamp even more effective in case of crashes or accidents.


Installing the X-GRIP Anti Break Clamp couldn’t be easier. You can simply attach it using the original screws. No complicated modifications or time-consuming installations – the X-GRIP Anti Break Clamp is ready to use immediately and ensures optimal protection for your brake levers.


This simple yet impressive lifesaver fits all Brembo brake levers of SHERCO, KTM, HUSQVARNA, and GASGAS enduro and motocross motorcycles. No matter what bike you ride, the X-GRIP Anti Break Clamp is your reliable companion for fewer damages, fewer repairs, and more safety on your adventures.

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