Order Form Red Bull Romaniacs

The Red Bull Romaniacs is an event created by competitors for competitors, born out of his passion for enduro sport, the brain and driven person behind these events is Martin Freinademetz.

One of the toughest events of the year!


Sibiu will again be the “base camp” for all 5 days – so that the teams do not need to plan any other overnight stays. And this is exactly where our service station will be, we will make it as comfortable as possible for you next to the race.

This means that X-GRIP will not only sell tyres, mousse and the rest of the portfolio, we also offer mounting and support LIVE on stage. And best of all, you can place your pre-order right here, to make sure that your desired tyre or mousse is really available at Sibiu. Because it is the same as in the race itself, “first come first serve” means that all products are available while stocks last.

So get started!


A little tip: don’t forget to pay your order in advance to make sure it is valid.
You will receive all further information by mail when you have completed your order.
Mounting and service costs will be charged locally.


We are looking forward to see you in Romania, in this sense, STAY ON TRACK!



Get up to -20% discount with your pre-order!


-10% when ordering 1x front tyre and 1x mousse
-10% when ordering 2x rear tyres and 1x mousse
-15% when ordering 2x front tyres and 2x mousse
-15% when ordering 4x rear tyres and 2x mousse
-20% when ordering 3x front tyres and 2x mousse
-20% when ordering 5x rear tyres and 3x mousse


Please note that the discount will only be deducted in the offer which you will receive from us by e-mail. The discount applies to the UVP and only to the respective article combinations listed above.

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