With the X-GRIP SuperENDURO, the first tires are now available. With an old tried and tested pattern at the front and a proven pattern at the rear, we want to enter now the tire segment. In the front there are two hardnesses SOFT and HARD, in the back there are three SOFT, MEDIUM and HARD.
Shortly after launching the market, we can already record a first success. Philipp BERTL, X-GRIP driver, achieved the goal with the SOFT / SOFT pairing in the world’s toughest Extreme Enduro the RED BULL HARE SCRAMBLE.

SuperENDURO-F SOFT80/100-21 (90/90-21)Hard Enduro - Endurofront
SuperENDURO-F HARD80/100-21 (90/90-21)Enduro - Rallyfront
SuperENDURO-R SOFT140/80-18Hard Enduro - Endurorear
SuperENDURO-R MEDIUM140/80-18Enduro – Cross Countryrear
SuperENDURO-R HARD140/80-18Cross Country - Rallyrear